"Round two" she said, again I tackled her down but this time I payed on her back, with my semi erected penis on her ass. I say up and spanked her ass...."Sam" she said in a playful voice. I lay back down on the same position. She was squirming, and wiggling and trying to break free. " to easy " I called out "just wait" she snapped back, suddenly I pressed my dick on her ass like in the elevator. Then I started to move up and down, I was now humping her slowly she tried to get up. I was surprised. Hawk felt her shudder, and asked, “Are you OK?”“Yes and no, my husband. My heart wants to drag you into that bed and not leave this room for the next week or so. Unfortunately, my mind and my memories make me want to freeze in pain and fear.”“Chipmunk, the only thing Robert Gray Hawk and I share is his name. I’m nothing like that person you fear.”“I also know that, but for us to move forward I need you to be patient and understanding just a little longer.”“Will the rest of our lives be long. It was beautiful. Expensive, but beautiful. And when I saw him slip his hand through the loop and wrap his fingers around the grip, I knew he knew it. He looked at me, speechless for the first time since I’d known him, a look of wonder on his face. “In case any fun breaks out,” I joked, breaking the silence, “I figured you’d want to be ready.” My voice sounded thin and reedy to me. He looked at me with an expression I hadn’t seen on him before, but felt instantly familiar. We were silent,. I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me as she leaned up i kissed back of her neck softly and ran my fingers slowly up her stomach then over her breasts as i put one hand around her neck and the other on her hip and squeezed softly the smell of her perfume was intoxicating. I began licking the back of her neck then i whispered in her ear 'your so sexy' hearing this she turned around and we kissed slowly and intently i felt her tongue against mine as we slowly pressed and grinded against each.

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