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Me: pretty much yaSam: care to test that? Lets see if I could find ur limits!Me: ooh sounds like funWe hung out for the rest of the night then went to...bed.The next day I woke up and went out to the living room. Sue was already at my house and was hanging out with Sam and Nicky while Sam showed then my pictures in panties and a bra... They looked at them, teased me, and gave me a hard time for bit... We all went for lunch and had a good afternoon out.When we got home Sam pulled Sue to his room. “i want your salty-sweet cum to explode in my mouth and become a part of me, travel to the depths of my being, and mix with me. Will you do that for me?”I moaned out a “yes” from her wellspring vagina, and then I felt her lips sucking around the bulbous tip of my dick, and then working farther around my head.“Uh, uh, uh,” I grunted in her vagina, begging her to take it all in. And then she did. It felt so good, some warm and soft, as her tongue locked on its underside and stroked outward to my. I'll overpower him," I said. "And force him." By yourself?" Lilith smirked.She was right. Mark was bigger than me. I might get lucky, but one of us, probably me, would get hurt. "The sluts will help me."Lilith laughed derisively. "Did you forget his powers. He'll just dominate any person you recruit to help you. Unless..."Unless what? I frowned, then a cold feeling sank into my stomach. "Unless, I use my last boon to get Mark's power. The power to make anyone do what I want." I didn't want that. And as she gazes out the window, she takes in the marvelous view. Only, there is something off about it. They seem to be in the industrial district of the city, nowhere near where they are supposed to go. Her mind’s alarm bells go off like nobody’s business.“Driver?” she calls out. “Are you certain we’re going the correct way?” The driver’s eyes glance up at the mirror of the windscreen but he doesn’t answer. “Driver?” she calls out again.Donna begins to panic now. She starts to reach for the.

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