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She was angry and jealous and hurt but couldn't very well blame me for doing the exact same thing she had done. Shawna took a few deep, painful breath.... I knew she wasn't ready to hear the truth yet so I kept silently. Finally, she asked me who it was."Jenny," I told her."Jenny!" she shrieked. "She's just a k**!" She's old enough," I reminded her."But . . . when? How?" Remember the night of the blizzard when she came over to babysit and had to stay the night?" Oh God," Shawna whispered,. I lay there not knowing where I was, only aware of the intense pain in my body. I heard a voice say,"Ah you are awake. I will give you an injection for the pain now."I felt a movement between my legs and the slowly the pain began to ease. As it eased my mind started to clear. My operation was over, I was a man no longer! From this day on I would have the body of a woman and would be able to do all the things that a woman could do and have done to her.The Nurse spoke again, "You will feel better. With my cock twitching out of control, I mounted Tracy’s upturned ass and pressed the swollen head against my sister’s greasy anus; I watched how her tiny asshole began to sink in under the pressure. There was a lot of resistance at first, and a lot of grunting, not to mention I had to pause several times along the way. But in the end, I managed to stretch her sphincter to the point where I thought it would tear if I wasn't careful. Tracy gasped the second my thick knob lodged itself into her. I jogged downstairs to the kitchen, breathing in the smell of pancakes and eggs. I grabbed a plate and took two pancakes and some scrambled eggs from the table. Dont forget, Im riding with the guys today. He nodded and turned the stove off before sitting in front of me. Yeah. Hey, can I borrow your car? Mine has a flat tire. He asked me. I got up and took my keys from its hook. I threw it at him and he caught it without looking. I sat down and continued to eat. Dont get it dirty.I just washed.

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