" Wait," suddenly I was wide awake, "So you're the embodiment of thecurse? You're the woman from my dream?" Oh, no silly," she said, "That's all you.... You don't know much aboutthe curse, now, do you?" No," I replied, "I don't. Care to enlighten?" Not particularly."And they were off again with me in tow, despite my protests.The two of them somehow got me down to the campus bar, but before I letthem pull me in, I stopped them."Look, I know you two are Ryan and Mike," I told them, "but--" I. Which is why I asked about a private showing. Would you be interested? However, before making up your mind, I should like to make you aware that us guys have a rather over large cocks. To compensate for the fact that we find it almost impossible to have an intimate relationship with ladies due to our large sizes, so we get our sexual satisfaction by mutual masturbation. However, we all agreed that your show got us all very excited and we would like to have a private show that would greatly. I couldn't understand the words but they effected me.The nirvana I had been in ended. Images of my past appeared. They consisted of me getting my PI license, cases being investigated, Kitty, Margarita, Rhonda's photograph, and Margarita, Kitty, Sandy and myself hatching plans for the case. I felt my throat vibrate, but heard nothing of what I said.Gradually my inner world dissolved. I could hear Jason's voice bringing me back to the reality of being inside the metal sarcophagus, thankfully not. A week at the most. If he hadn’t come in and whipped me often I’d have gone crazy even with that. It’s awful just to sit or stand with nothing to do. I was sort of hoping he’d toss us in together for maybe a couple of days. Even if he did put some chains on us it would still be fun." Mark came back and released them. They were quivering and anxious to please. "Stand back to back!" They obeyed, wondering.He passed a chain round their middles and heaved it very, very tight so that they both.

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