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She washed her face, then put her hands under the water and washed down below. She probed both holes with a finger, wanting to get clean, feeling rene...ed passion in the process.She was glad Betty wanted to keep it a secret about Pee-wee. She was far from being proud of her action with the animal. She didn't want to take a turn with Jane's horse, either. There were four human cocks right there handy, and it'd be bad enough if word got around at school about what she'd already done--and intended. ” I shivered and hurried through the door his voice trailing after me. “We have chosen you for nomination. It’s up to you and your slack bits to earn membership.”***ELECTIONThe door closed as I passed through it leaving me in the dark blue haze simular to the lighting in the ‘play’ areas of the club but slightly dimmer offering extra anonymity to members. I put one hand out to find something and make some sense of the dimness finding a rough brick wall through the smoke, which was pumped. "You know Regina, the only thing I wish I could get more of is sex." Regina's hand stalled halfway to her cup, shocked by Lara's admission. Looking up, Regina saw that Lara had unbuttoned her blouse almost all the way, giving Regina a good view of Lara's pert breasts. As she sat down, Lara hiked up her skirt and ran a hand over her sheer panties.Moving her underwear to one side, Lara showed off her smooth shaven pussy. "I keep it all smooth, but lately that's all the action I've gotten." She. .. is that you Indiana. For gods sakes girl, that won't help anything It could drive me crazy though. so stop it." I'm sorry, it's just that... I can't help it. Derrick, my boyfriend back in Indiana, he says I'm a cry baby... well, not really my boyfriend any more. He broke up with me when I moved to New York." So you had a boyfriend back in Indiana," the Manager said. "Derrick Billy Bob broke up with you... well he knew if you came to New York it wouldn't be long before you turned into a woman.

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