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Her breasts were just that perfect mixture of firmness and softness, full handfuls that were capped by straining pink nipples that seemed to leap to my hands.She gasped, then moaned my name as my fingers moved remorselessly over her silken hills."Ohhhh," she grunted as my hand moved down and across her mound and slid down her already moist slit.Spreading her with my fingers I saw her red insides bared, then felt her body tremble as a finger found her waving, uncovered clit."Pleassssse.... Again I started the play and this time she gave a smile and turned her head away. Since I was standing in front of her only my elbow is able to touch her boobs I played for 20 min and pushed myself to go behind her in the process I touched her bare belly. Telling you guys that was much better than her boobs, very soft warm and curvy,then I decided to play with her belly 1st and went behind her.To get the momentum I was slowly touching her ass cheeks whenever possible and slides my hands to her. With it, she wore a tight fitting black tank top (though she did bring a jacket). Jandice was wrapped in form fitting jeans and a thick black parka."You never know if there's going to be a cute boy in the woods!"Jandice just sighs, finding it hard to fight with her sister."We should probably head back, I can barely see," Finally!"It's not long before the young maidens realize they're lost. It's not long before darkness overcomes the feeble flicker of their flashlight. Twisted trees and fallen. " I know Deb, but we've have all got to play our parts to make this work and you're the only one I know who'll do this. And you like the ideal anyway. Just wait until he finds out what part he's going to play after this is done." She said with a laugh."I can't wait, and your right, this is fun. I always wanted to give a man what he deserved." She laughed as she push the cart through the door. On it was a VCR tape deck and a type of helmet device with headphones and large visor in front.Lauren.

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