''You're right, where does she live and what name?'I gave her the details and she said to leave it with her andhung up.'Fiona Woolf,' I announced to t...e room as I put the phone downand dried my eyes, 'is worth her weight in gold.'I quickly picked up the phone again and dialled Sean's number.It just rang and rang. Sighing, I replaced the receiver. He'slaying low, I thought, just as I said.The phone rang again and I answered it before Jeremy could getto it. 'Hello Cleo,' I said and he relaxed. I. Of course, you know what I decided to do. there was no way I was leaving my mum hanging on New Year’s Eve. I ate and then had a bath, chilled out until just before the Taxi arrived. Being the same size as my Dad, everything that had been left out, fitted me like a glove. I night of drinking and dancing was just what I needed and after I had time to talk to her, I was sure it was what my mum needed as well.The Taxi dropped me off outside the main entrance to the manor house, I walked and was. I really thought she looked sexy but I was sure that Molly didn’t share my feelings. Molly seemed to feel that she was very undesirable and acted out her feelings. I couldn’t get her to try anything different. I wasn’t very experienced with sex so I didn’t even know what to suggest aside from a blowjob. Molly greeted me as I entered the kitchen. “Stanley, I’m fat! We need to cut down on our meals. I hate looking at myself.” “Molly, I have an idea. I was surfing the web and I found a local. *****Breakfast was okay, apart from James and his damned camera and he said that I should go to school like I was. Josh told him that he thought the UK schools weren’t ready for girls to be naked in school and I had to agree with him, not that I would have gone to school naked even if I could.By the end of the week I was getting used to being naked at home all the time and I was definitely seeing some of the advantages of not wearing clothes. The only real problem was James and that damned.

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