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.o0o.The room key was burning a hole in my pocket the entire time I was lounging poolside, not listening to my wife's inane chatter. I made noncommitt...l noises to keep up the pretence of paying attention, praying there wouldn't be a quiz after.I scoped the pool and deckchairs for any sign of the girl. Convinced myself it could have been a genuine mistake. Figured I could then saunter over, casting a shadow across her perfect figure and dangle the key for her to take, our fingers brushing as she. .she was a good seamstress and had cut down a pair of my late uncles bib overalls to fit her...the legs had been cut off to now be real short too. It must have taken a lot of work as it fit her really well. She turned around for my to see how thy fit and I noticed she had nothing on under. Her beautiful 34 b's just barely contained by the bib was a sight to see along with her short, but shapely legs. "How do you like this outfit?" she asked. "Looks great," I said, "especially with nothing. " "yes really I just had to get around your sister to do this. I want you to fuck me with that massive dick of yours." She rolled over onto her back and spread her legs. I slid my dick deep inside her dripping wet pussy. "YES GIVE IT TO ME BIG DADDY GIVE IT TO ME!" she screamed. I fucked her slowly so she could feel every inch of my dick sliding deep inside her dripping wet hole. "HARDER BIG DADDY HARDER! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! MAKE ME CUM!MAKE ME CUM! MAKE ME CUM!" she squealed. I fucked. The alarm goes off again and you roll over to find your wife not sleeping next to you. You have a raging morning wood and you sigh in frustration. Not that it would matter if she were there, she never wants to fuck anymore and that really pisses you off.You wrap your fingers gently around the thick shaft and lay back relinquishing to the fact that, again, you have to take care of it.You hear her down in the kitchen as you stroke your cock. Probably cooking up all kinds of potluck dishes for the.

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