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Both are still sobbing,while sitting on a bar stool i get Andrea to take her shirt off, suck my cock and look at me in the eyes,i like her pretty face...covered with tears and my dick in her mouth.After a minute i tell Paul to tie her harms behind her back at elbow level,so that her breast pops out at the max and then i tell him to play with her tits,he looks at me flabbergasted but he start caressing the black lace.I scream at him''What is that?Milk the cow,get her tits out ,squeeze and slap. Two months is too long not to feel your warmth." He gently kissed my neck sending shivers down my spine. "You're such a good girl, making sure Daddy is happy with all he pictures and videos you send me, but nothing can beat this." His hands glided towards the bottom of my skirt and soon found their way up my thighs."I missed you too Daddy," I whispered as I leaned back and melted into his chest. "Yes baby, get out of that fucked up head of yours that won't allow you to see the marvelous woman. ‘He says not but he’s not sure what is on these tapes. No pissing or animals though. I’m going to get changed, grab us a beer would you?’ Gary said heading for his room. I pulled myself out of the comfort of the chair and walked though to the kitchen to grab some beers. By the time I returned Gary was sat in the other armchair hunting through our remote control collection for the video remote. I handed him a beer and sat back down in the chair next to the window. The evening was warm and I had. I didn't see any reason to hang back fromacting on impulse. So I came up to her chair and cupped herunderneath her big, firm breasts. As I massaged those fine, fulltitties in both hands, I asked her where Daddy and Sister were."Mmmmmmmm, who knows? Working late again, probably, and she’s at a friends for at least a few hours" Mom repliedpressing my hands over her tits with her own."Great!"I bent down and kissed her hard on the lips. My tongue slitheredinto her warm, wet mouth, which tasted.

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