Oh my I moan, as I catch myself licking my lips eager to suck his cock. He smiles as he looks down at me and says you're going to enjoy this aren't yo...? Mark had left and it was just Brad and me still there. I look up at him and say that's the biggest hardest cock I've ever seen. And yes, I want to suck your cock so bad. Brad says why don't we go get more comfortable so you can take your time then. I shake my head and get up to follow him. As we enter his bedroom, he stops and allows me to. “Let’s see how long I last" was my challenge to her. Little did Candy know I could keep a hard on and not shoot my load for ages. The benefits of a years wanking whilst I listened to my parents fuck every night at 11 for an hour.Candy pushed me onto the blanket on the straw bails and then knelt over me; her nipples were bright pink/red and stuck out like the ripe raspberries hanging on the bushes in the next field. The tip of my dick glistened in the sun between her legs. She put her hands. This happened yesterday....It sucks to be working on a sunday, luckily I had the day off but Rachel didn't. I'd spent a horny day on the computer waiting for her to come home because normally sunday is our big sex play day. What with her working and having a bit of an upset tummy there was a good chance of no sex at all let alone lots of lovely kinky play. Rach got home about 6pm and I made her a nice big, hot cup of coffee and some hot toast with lashing of butter. While she was eating her. She continued up to him with a big smile on her face and kissed him."Good morning, Uncle Steven," she said. "I think I've got the turns." Good morning, Becca. It looks as though you have. Very impressive. You'll have to teach me."Becca smiled delightedly. "Phooey!" she said. "You pulled me round last night but I can do them without being led now. Anyway, would you like scrambled eggs for a change?" Why not?" Coming up, sir."She was bubbling with happiness and Steven was thrilled but kept quiet..

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