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I was kind of out of it when she helped me through the door and up the stairs to the bed room, the pain of my hand was gone with the powerful pain kil...ers the doctor had given me at the end of the emergency room visit that left my hand in a soft cast for he said would be 6 to 8 weeks, but I still had one good one left, and as Sally had found out one hand along with my mouth and cock was enough to satisfy her physical needs. She helped me to the bed and I sat up long enough for her to. She dug her nails into his hand and still pushed at his side to get him off. He paused for a moment, dick still inside, as he twisted both her arms behind her back like chicken wings and continued to pound away. Her hands and arms tensed each time his skin slapped against her ass. “Ffffuckin’ A girl,” he said in a low voice. “If I knew you were gonna feel this good, I would’ve convinced you to go for a walk sooner.” She grunted with each thrust and turned her face away, a face that was turning. Things no sane person wanted anything to do with. I kept waiting for him to snap under the seemingly ever-increasing load he was carrying. And I knew for a fact that I didn't know everything. Something was going on with Amber, I didn't know what it was, but she seemed to suddenly be showing signs of improvement. Especially in the last two weeks. She was sleeping better for one thing. The reports I had downloaded from my email and looked at in the wee hours of the morning while Bob was sleeping. I had heard about French kisses so I allowed her to enter my mouth with her tongue. As our tongues swirled around each other I had an incredible feeling of pleasure and my dick sprang up like it was jealous of my tongue. Just as I was really beginning to get into this, sis pulled back and asked, “Is that enough licking to satisfy you for tonight?”“I guess so,” I responded without thinking.Sis again laid her head on my chest and I again squeezed her bare tit. She put her hand over mine and.

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