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”“What’s wrong Jason, afraid you might actually like a blow job from a man?” she taunted.“There’s no way you’re touching my cock again your mouth or hand!” he countered, standing to pick up his pants. Tim did the same.“Hmm, it appears my love that Tim and Jason aren’t willing to play by our rules. I’d say its time for you gentlemen to leave, don’t you think so?” Susan suggested.“I agree.” They watched as Susan passionately kissed Dan, tasting Tim’s cum on his mouth.Tim and Jason hurried to. As we were running we could hear Harry screaming. I think we were all in tears when the screams were silenced by a growl, this time the growl was different and a part of my mind thought that it now sounded excited.Sam and Tom kept babbling on about Harry, how we had left him and that we should have done something to help him. I just stood there silent trying to think if there was anything in the legends that would help us escape these cursed tunnels. They both turned on me asking if I knew what. "How soon can you come up and meet me?"Letting her know I had no idea of travel times, Dotty made herself known. At first Eileen sounded miffed that Dotty had been listening in, but Dotty explained her position as bloodhound in training and the humor relaxed Eileen. They negotiated a place to meet. Since Eileen was a hundred miles south of Seattle, the time lessened but still involved a bit of a trip.Because we headed fairly close to Seattle, I decided to stop by Mila's apartment and ask. And so the father of the lowland gorilla was grunting away like crazy, as he planted his 10-inch cock...”“Hey, hey ... let’s not get too carried away,” piped in Tom, supported by the nodding heads of two of the others.“ ... as he planted his 7-inch cock...”“Hey, where’s my half inch!” protested Dad, to loud howls from the rest of the audience to stop interrupting.“ ... as he planted his seven-and-a-half inch tusk of manhood...”“I like that,” whispered Jack, nodding and poking my Dad in the.

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