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“Enjoy!” Lois Griffin then opened her mouth and leaned forward. Chris was starting to freak out… He was almost beside himself. Never before ha... he felt so aroused, so hard up, so damn horny! If his Mother didn’t start jacking him off or sucking his dick or… something, he’d take matters into his own hands. Once she pulled his dick out he felt a little better; his pants were restricting his “freedom’ and his cock needed some air. He could tell right away this climax was going to be a doozy! . Karen and Jake leaned close to each other over the barely two foot square table to prevent having to talk above a whisper. Even still, a little chortle now and then earned dirty looks from the players at the next table. They talked about the pathways they had taken in the past twenty years. Life had been a constant struggle and a series of not so good decisions for both. There were multiple marriages and children, responsibilities and priorities that brought both contentment and contrition.. " Good night, Antwan." My wife hung up the phone with a smile and turned to me with a wide grin.My heart was beating fast as I looked at my beautiful white wife shivering with excitement after speaking on the phone to a black man she wanted as a lover. Her brown eyes were shining like stars and full of vigor.All the rest of the night Anna could not stop talking about Antwan. For me it was a surreal experience to listen to my wife talk longingly about another man I knew she wanted to have sex. Marlene slid off the bed she was sharing with Larry almost hypnotically. Moving towards where he was sitting, she slithered up against him pushing him back onto the bed and then slipped down between his legs. Brian felt her mouth engulfing him, her lips cool and tender around his heated flesh. Suddenly Serenity was moving once again, rolling over where she soon joined Marlene in the simultaneous tongue dueling taking place on his erection.Not to be left out, Larry walked over to the end of the.

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