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I witnessed a couple of situations where the glancing hand on Lou's must have been more of a squeeze and she tried angrily to spot the perpetrator in ...he crowd. As we danced and moved around I ensured that I was behind her. I made a show that I was attempting to protect her modesty. My intentions were the opposite, taking advantage of male groups we passed to have a cheeky feel. In my condition I had to work hard not to overdo the glancing touches. It took a mammoth effort not to ram my hand. Usually we just dowhatever we want to: TV, games, talk. And tonight, we should have untilafter midnight some time." Lots of time then," Helen grinned. "Ever do each other's make-up? I'dlove to get Jesse all made up." What do you think, Jesse?" Allie asked. "We would be able to get it alloff when we are done. You haven't talked about make-up before." I've been scared to think about it," he answered. "Are you sure it willcome off?" I haven't got anything that won't come off," Allie assured. I could even see him touching and rubbing himself through the fabric of his jeans.As he stopped talking, he told me to stand up and undress myself in front of him. I began by hurriedly pulling down my stockings and shoes but he then said “No. Pull them (my stockings) back up and do it again slowly”. As requested, I took in a deep breath and began to more slowly pull down my short shorts, and stockings, removing my shoes and pulling my sleeveless top over my head. I was now down to my black. Where does that leave her? Where does that leave me and mine? What then?’ He sat there in silence. ‘Eliza, it’s not like that and you know it.’ Silence. ‘Mr. Ewart…’ ‘Please, Eliza… James.’ ‘Fine, James, then. That’s what you say, now. How is she ever going to be any more than your whore? And what if you put a baby in her? Answer me that?’ ‘She’s not my whore,’ he said, truthfully, defensively. Silence. ‘I don’t know.’ He pushed the remnants of the egg yolk around the plate. ‘At least you’re.

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