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Don’t forget where the guys will be setting up!”Andy and I talked some more, pre-planning fields of fire and “no shoot” zones. We decided upon...a fallback position, and an alternative should that position be untenable. Once the women returned, Emily with a lever action and ammo belt, and Annmarie with an AR and ammo pouches, we briefed them on our fallback positions, and no shoot zones. Andy set out into the night, and Annmarie field-phoned the OP/LP to let Marty know relief was on the way.I let. Everybody started laughing and the pastor said, "He is really happywith his accomplishment."Donald finished laughing and said, "Yes, he is."Michelle put the ring on Alan's finger and Alan did the same with theMichelle.The pastor said, "Now Mr. Wright do you take Michelle to be your lawfulwife to hold and to cherish through sickness and in health richer andpoorer til death do you part?"He said, "I do. "The pastor said, "Now Miss Brighton do you take Alan to be your lawfulhusband to hold and to. Her hair had a slight wave to it, and she also wore high heels. She looked lovely and I told her so. She smiled. “This is a big night for both of us” was all she would say.The doorbell rang, and I went to answer it. When I opened it, there stood a tall well-built handsome blond man. He looked to be in excellent shape without being muscle-bound. “Hi. Jenny told me all about you. Nice outfit.” He said with a smile.I really didn’t know what to say. He sounded sincere!“My name is Richard.. After, she just sat there starring, and smoking out her cigarette then she gave me the handycam with a smile in the corner of her mouth. “Well then let’s go!” and we went in the room I had for those kind of things. It was a very small room with red lights all over and a fluffy couch. I turned the cam on, as she and her guy got naked. Alex was already having a hard on, and I couldn’t help a wow. She was such a sexy poser as she was running her hands over his chest, looking straight in the cam.

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