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"Tempest pet her own ears as she lay on the bed looking at the art work on the ceiling. "Not that bad. but I don’t dally in my lessons." They are so...boring!" her sister whinned."They are not." Tempest smiled, "After potions are spoken spells. I'm getting really go at those." He's teaching you spoken spells? aww man!" I've been working on spoken spells for years." she rolled over to her stomach, "Alpine if you don’t learn potions you will never beable to support Torak in his rule." What does. She has C-cup boobs, a flat stomach, and a decent but not great ass. Her mother, who I lust after, has the best ass I've ever seen! It's too bad her daughter didn't inherit it.It was summer and Cindy was relaxing as she waited for her college days. She just graduated from high school and she had plenty of time on her hands. One night, as I was at her house drinking with her parents, we started talking about scary movies. It became clear that her father and mother hated them, but Cindy and I. He thought about calling the cops to break it up, but Peter just wasn't in the mood to bust anybody's balls. What he wanted was a beer. And someone to talk to."I must be insane," he thought to himself. "I don't even know who these guys are." Peter didn't know too many people in the neighborhood. Working nights as a police reporter for the local paper didn't exactly make his social calendar bustle. In fact, he had just one night off in common with his wife. It was a wonder they had found time to. About a half hour later he followed Maw back out onto the porch and went to the outhouse.She sat in her rocker and said, “His name shore ain’t just cause he’s tall neither.” Ah nodded. “And he knows how to use it! He’s got my approval. Hell, why don’t you marry him so he’d be around here a lot.”“Maw, Ah ain’t ready to settle down yet. Ah want to get my high school diploma fore Ah do. It’s time we had one in the family.”Biggen came back to the porch and Maw waved us inside. Ah knew he’d be.

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