” Grace said. Grace couldn’t stand to be left out of a conversation. I couldn’t either, but I’ve had more practice abstaining, or rather throu...h forced abstention, than Grace had.“Oh, so that’s the other one. Why didn’t you go home with her, Nora?”“I was going to come over to your house.”“I don’t mind if you do.”“Yay!” Gracie cheered. “See, Mom? It’s okay with Jay if Nora comes over.”“It’s not okay with me. We’ve already told Nora’s mother we’re bringing her home.”Grace didn’t look too happy.. With gorgeous breasts, the pretty brunette smiled before lying beside him and touching his leg. Kissing his cheek she moved closer. He was somewhat nervous though he appeared not to be. Fondling within his pants she reached for his cock his eyes transfixed on her breasts. He could feel his rod stiffen. Everything he had anticipated was coming to fruition, but he was still scared. Louise reached for the condoms. Folding, unwrapping, sliding then slowly lowering the plastic sleeve along his thick. " When the tour was finished, Mrs. Albertson was bubbling. Even Mr. Albertson had lost his sour face. He heaved a deep sigh. "Well, if this is the way it has to be, then I guess it will turn out for the best. I'm glad they've got this school, anyway. Where do we sign?" That was fifteen years ago. I suppose I overstated the ease with which the New Lives counselors would persuade Billie of the delights of girlhood, but it all worked out all right. By the time she enrolled in the. Four times he had called her and seduced her on the phone as she sat in a busy office. Each call had ended when she felt herself aching to touch or to be touched. She had spent the day in a constant state of arousal. He played with her senses .. knowing how much she would need him by the evening .. and in the final call instructed her to prepare for him when she got home. She had felt herself blush in the office as she listened to his words. She was to take off the suit and shirt, wrap herself.

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