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They had read "Jack and Jill." He had announced that the verse was "dumb, " adding "only an idiot would look for water uphill." All the children had l...ughed. The teacher was discomfited and had spoken to Weena when she arrived.I had just heard the narrative when Michiko arrived with Rachel, eager to learn what the school to-do had been about. "Nursery rhymes," Weena said, tersely. She told the tale to Michiko, who laughed."What do you think, Gordy?" Rachel asked."Well, Patrick has a good point.. Then Mum and Dad died under the wheels of one of those huge trans-continental trucks and Greg came north. He got here as soon as he could and was a big help to me with all the endless phone calls and papers to collect and sign. Why does death have to be so complicated and so darned expensive?He asked if he could stay in the spare room – his old room – and of course I agreed but we were strangers in the same house. He stayed on for just a couple of days after the funeral then went home again but. ”“Who you telling? I’m a little disappointed you didn’t take me into the bathroom at the bar and shove this… thick cock down my throat.”Alex pulled down my pants and licked my shaft up and down. Her tongue circled the length of my cock with precision. She put out her hand, and I gave her the bottle back. She took another swig then sucked me off.“Your dick is so long, I love it. I used to suck the shit out of this thing. Wow.”Alex ran her nails along my inner thigh.“Oh, fuck…”I grabbed the back. The sense of revulsion was simply go great. The pain just kept increasing and it made thinking coherently almost impossible. I just sat there in that ratty old chair for the remainder of the night. I could not think but could only feel.Hours later, I heard her moving around our bedroom. I heard the shower come on and then minutes later stop. About a half hour later I heard her come into the kitchen and moments after that, I could smell coffee and bacon.For the second time in recent history,.

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