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I decide to go to the swimming pool and do my laps and find the pool surprisingly quiet. I jump into the lap pool and being my laps a little distracte... from the antics of the night before and what had happened. As I reach the end of the pool I look up and see my friend from the night before standing poolside watching me. I get out and at first things are a little awkward. He asks where my husband is and I explain that he has had to go away for the rest of the week. He asks if I want to spend. Your Aldershot 'wife' was tasty, but your real wife is a stunner!"Toby Belcher had me to thank for saving his arse over the Christmas when he had been the worse for wear with drink. It would have meant dismissal from the army if he had been found drunk on duty, and he owed me, and the lads on guard with me, a great deal."Jenny's a nurse at Swindon General. I met her when one of the platoon had to be taken to Accident and Emergency after getting heat stroke on a speed march. I fell in love with. "I've had some success, yes," I replied."I have a problem with my vacuum cleaner not working and wondered if you could take a look please, before I have to pay out for a new one. Jean said you might be able to fix it if it's not totally broke." I have to do some shopping," I replied. "But can pop in on my way back if you'd like." Oh could you? Thank you, John, and call me Betty, please," she replied and wandered off.I noticed Jean grinning at me and winking as I reversed off the drive and. " I guess not," Julio added as he jumped up on the cart and sat in onehalf of the cake. "You owe me for this." Fuck you, I do. I got you this job and you've done pretty fucking wellfor yourself," Trent added with a laugh. He was right, of course, andwhen Julio watched Tina walk out he thought again of how lucky he was.Last year he couldn't get laid to save his life. Now he had just ass-fucked a gorgeous 19 year old dancer... dancing for a bunch of 40 year oldwomen was worth it for that."Alright.

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