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I can’t wait for this to be over, but I can’t leave. What if I did and you didn’t follow me? I think I would die. It feels like the longest nigh... of my life, but eventually people start to say their goodbyes. I get out my phone and call an Uber. I’m so nervous I can barely remember my address. But you say: “Hey, that’s near me - want to share?” and my heart leaps again. Now I’m afraid that someone else will want to join us, but no one does, and in no time we’re climbing into the back of the. Monica landed the tenth stroke and watched as yet another red welt was being drawn across Jeff’s already well welted bottom cheeks. She had managed to land each stroke pretty much one beneath the other and so there were ten almost separate welts. She hadn’t quite managed it and saw there were two welts touching each other, and she thought those merged welts looked even more kissable. As she landed the eleventh stroke Monica was wondering whether she should insist that Jeff give her tongue sex. She began to crave more and more sex and masturbated at least once a day. She especially liked getting off to stories of interracial sex. At first, she would try to hide what she was reading, but finally admitted that she her biggest fantasy was to have sex with a black man. She had a worried look on her face when she told me, but I think she was pleasantly surprised when I got excited and told her that we should play around with the idea and see if it was truly something we could both. Chrissie had shift work and could notalways be free.On a Friday night sometime later we were surprised to see Roxanne comein with a beautiful girl. We knew of Roxanne's bisexuality but had onlyever seen her with men. She would drop hints that indicated she washappy with men and women friends and sexual partners. Her companion wasa beautiful redhead, with well-developed bust and curvy figure. Wewondered if this was a cross dresser but felt she appeared too naturalto be other than a genetic.

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