The men have replaced their long sleeve dress shirts and ties with short sleeve pullover shirts, and comfortable casual slacks. Some of them are weari...g knee length shorts, and white socks. The women are wearing comfortable short sleeve shirts, and above the knee to knee length shorts. Melissa Andrews, the social studies teacher is the only exception to the casual dress style. She keeps her long auburn hair in a tight bun on top of her head. She wears white long sleeve shirts, covered by a blue. Edsel looked at me and I shook my head. Unlike Reggie, Edsel did not need to be told what to do. She kissed him first and her body did that rubbing thing that men love. I had almost forgotten about that, I had to put that high in my memory list for next time. She also ground her hips against him, that move was in my active memory chain.Edsel was about the same age as Reggie, but she was definitely taking over. I was just as glad, since I found it difficult to be with men, who weren't in. I will try to post more tomorrow, Sirs.THE NEXT POST. TWO DAYS LATER:Sirs,Keyholder has told me once again to apologize for being so slow gettingthis out. He also said I should have put more detail into the last post.He says I should have told how the chilly air felt on my smooth, nakedskin, how the leaves and bushes stroked across my shapely new boobs,tickling my nipples..., the constant ache in my trapped privates, the hotembarrassment of looking like I did--and the sick, dizzy feeling in. But he proved me wrong immediately as he thrust his prick back inside the hole right till the last point. I gasped in pain and pleasure, and he kissed me on my lips. He rubbed his left palm all over my belly and tits before moving it to my neck and cheeks.While I was soothed by his palms, he pulled out his cock again and dug the member back again. I shrieked, and he continued to soothe my face and body. My juices have already covered my walls, and his prick must have been smothered with it.He.

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