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Time for the birthday boy to rise and shine.”Now usually I took ages to wake up properly, frequently needing to hit the snooze button of the alarm c...ock a couple of times, but today I was wide awake the instant I heard my mother’s voice, and felt a nervous anticipation of what might be about to happen. I still didn’t really believe it but was my dream just about to come true?“It’s a big day for you today,” she said smiling, her hips swaying slightly as she walked towards me. “I suppose you. Yes mommy. She said for the past couple of weeks you startedcalling me Mommy instead of Ma or Mom. I shrugged and said so. You're allthree. Which one would you prefer? She said Mommy sounds cute; I guessI'm not use to it. Well if you find it cute then Mommy it will be fromnow on. Then she said there's something else. She's looking at me. Atthat time my dreadful sister came into the house with her friend Tam thesame one from the restaurant. My mom asks Lin... Do you see anythingdifferent with. A few days later, she was discharged from hospital and joined Sue in herhotel room which they used as a base to enjoy a few days" holiday and seethe sights. Soon it was time to return home but, before doing so theyhad one last appointment at the clinic."So, Amanda, do you like what you see now?"Amanda nodded her approval."Why don't you try to answer me?" Yes, thank you doctor, it's wonderful." Amanda's new voice surprisedher. Slightly husky but quite a lot higher than before and. A hot flush ran through my pussy. I pushed my hand around her hip and down her flat stomach, reaching for her hot pussy."Wake up, Xera," I cooed in her ear. "I'm going to make you—"I grabbed something hard jutting from her groin. It throbbed in my hand. I let out a shriek and threw myself back. I hit the edge of the bed and flipped off, landing hard on the wooden floor of the inn."What's wrong?" Angela asked, bolting up.I groaned, my poor butt sore."Sophia?" Angela asked, crawling over Xera and.

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