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She was rinsing a washcloth in the bathroom, humming a blue refrain when Chuck walked in behind her and pulled her dress up. He pushed two fingers int... her cunt from behind."OHH, Chuck! Please, your hurting me." I'm going to fuck that mother." No, you can't." She jumped away. Her voice used a harder edge than it had in the past. Both were startled by it's strength.Chuck was ready to strike her, but he read her eyes. They weren't afraid. His mother trembled like kitten before a dog, but her eyes. I expected that under the present circumstances. It's fine. Just kiss your son and father goodnight and join me in bed," Dan reassured Vicki, who did as he told her."Love you, too, Mom. Goodnight," Trevor told his mother."Love you, baby. Get some sleep, you hear me?" Claude was very much a father as he kissed Vicki on the top of her head."Yes, Daddy, I will. Thank you. Love you, too. Goodnight," Vicki replied gratefully before hurrying to spoon with Dan.He wore his boxers, so as not to give his. Ivy nodded agreement. ‘You’d be surprised how far people go to keep their secret from their family and friends. On the other hand it was a perfect smokescreen for a double murder.’ ‘Was any traces of drugs found in the bodies, any unusual bruises or ligature marks?’ Hugo asked. ‘For murder to be rigged to look like suicide, they had to be got to the hotel room and the scene set. A couple of old Special ops mates of mine specialized in doing jobs like that for MI6 and it’s very much their. We make out and talk about earlier in the day. She asks me why Sandy was feeling spunky all of a sudden and I told her that we were fucking while we looked out at her and the girls while they were on the beach. And I really got turned on watching them and Sandy was the recipient of all that hard cock and hunger her (Tammy). So she asked me after we finished if I had been thinking about Tammy while I was driving deep into her like I did when we first met. I told her that I 'fessed up to sandy.

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