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” She ran her forefinger down the length of my cock, once, twice, three times. It responded immediately. When it was fully erect she grasped it, giving it the softest of squeezes.“See, not a problem.”She was still holding my cock as I asked her, “What are the chances of someone recognizing me?”“You mean, in Poland? Absolutely zero.”“What about you? Aren’t you worried?”“No one’s going to know it’s me. Besides, they’d never admit to buying erotic photos on the black market.”“Maybe I could. By then I was panting and gasping with pleasure.Suddenly she stopped and announced that I was enjoying myself too much and it was time for the punishment enemas to begin. As she pulled her fingers out, she inserted the enema nozzle. It felt small compared to her fingers. As she inflated the balloon in my rectum I began to feel pressure and the urge to poop. She continued inflating the nozzle until it became painful and my rectum was straining to expel it. My whole body heaved as my butthole. "How could I do this to Reed? To our *children*???" Dean's mind answer "Fuck that dork Reed! If he were 'Mr. Fantastic' he would be enough man for you and if her were so smart, he would realize you are way too *hot* for any man! Fuck the yard apes too. What, Big Brain never heard of a *rubber*? He knocked you up to keep you tied down! Guess that ain't working to well now is it?"Even as overpowered as Susan's psyche was, she still tried to fight, but what is one mind against the power of over. She almost screamed until I moved to the other nipple and she gritted her teeth and held it in. I got both nipples completely covered with wax and put the last few drops right above her clit."Look, look how wet you are, just dripping out of your cunt. What a slut you were all along. Here. Do not wipe this off. I want you to smell how much your nasty cunt likes this!"I wiped my fingers through her pussy and rubbed it on her mouth and under her nose. I jiggled her tits and slapped her pussy a few.

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