How could he have been so foolish, running up to them as he had. He regained consciousness slowly. The pain in his head remained excruciating. He coul... hear voices talking but it took all his strength to concentrate on what was being said. ‘You hit him too hard Ulf, I saywe just ditch him and sell the horses.’ ‘Ah Gareth, you were always the timid one. This man is an ox, Look at him, he is worth twice the amount we can get for these horses. Think of the success we have had cleaning up behind. "Are you David," a woman asked in a kind, yet professional nurse like voice."Yes ma'am." Great. We are going to get started with your training as soon as I cover both eyes with protective shields. We don't want you to attempt to harm your eyes in frustration. Despair can push one to do things they would never do normally. Science is advancing so rapidly that we cannot have you doing something that might one day give you back your sight. Any day now they may discover the solution to correct what. "What?" he said, "But I am not scheduled to be there until-" Trainee 3833 will undergo a mandatory Progress Report, as per the request of his designated Instructor." Progress report? Now? But I just had one a few days-" Trainee 3833, please report immediately to your designated instructor without any further verbal delays." The intercom shut off before Connor could respond.Connor sighed, frustrated and tired but unable to argue with the voice. He draped the towel over his bare shoulder and left. They left at ten, and finally the girls were alone. Eagerly they shared their adventures, to find them surprisingly similar, with the exception that Dick hadn’t ejaculated. Charity was sure the boys shared their stories on the way home, and she was glad she’d given him that part to tell about, at least. She’d half-way thought about offering to put it in her mouth, but maybe that was moving a bit too quickly. There would surely be a next time, she thought.She walked home with Darlene, and spent.

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