When Ferris had gone in the next day, he had found the opening of the wall had also opened a vast hidden cavern of crystals.The problem was that the e...plosion had charged the crystals. The worker with him had said the bright light in the cave had made it hard to see, and Ferris had tripped on the broken rocks and ended up against the wall. The crystals had discharged through him to the ground and fried him. It wasn’t a pretty sight as there were oodles of crystals in the cavern and they had. The Wizard walked over and sprinkled some dustover his face. A moment later, he was asleep. Sir Robert awoke, seated in asmall, wooden chair. He was surrounded by hay and the smell of manure waseverywhere. In front of him were the Wizard and Charleston. His arms hurt andhe still felt strange. 'What a weird dream.' He thought."Charleston, old friend." Sir Robert said. The sound that came out was muchhigher pitched than his usual voice. He put his hand to his throat. The firstthings he noticed. Then he saw the panties.Trembling, and erect in his pants, he crept down the hall. The sounds were clear now, but he was still shocked to find her door open and a mature and overweight lady spread legged with her knees bent, on the bed. Both hands covered her garden, her motions ebbed and flowed. She was making breathy sounds that reached right through his pants and lodged in his spinning brain. Later he would not recall taking his cock out. He watched her drifting toward the edge, getting. I would call you on the phone and you two came back to handled anything that needed handling." Sam said."You did know Royce is gone?" I asked. "Do you know why?" Do you want my gossip version," he asked."Of course," I replied."Royce had a thing for you, but you never showed any interest in him that way, While he was guarding you, he saw you with other men and women. That seemed to bother him." Lord, why didn't he say something?" I asked."I think he was concerned that you wouldn't be interested..

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