Raymond had asked Jim if he would take them for a while and straighten them out for him. Vera is pregnant and she is finding the girls stressful. they are still responsible for them.”“Why did Jim give you the letter?” Trae asked.“Well you did mention going to Hilton and he asked me if you would check into the situation. Something in the letter seemed off to him and I agree. I think they got into more trouble than Granddad was letting on. You have to do more than flunk-out of a couple of. He askedher to first check out the library. When she saw it she was amazed.She said before she was intimidated to use it but now something wastelling her to use it. She had him get his purse and come with her. She took him toFormal Lady Dress shop. There she had him try on several eveninggowns. The second one was a red backless velvet number with abuilt-in bra. It was the slinkiest dress he had ever seen, with aside slit in he skirt. He thought it had a completely differentfeel from any. ) Her eyes looked up and met mine, she then put her hand on my chin, “please,” she pursed her lips, and then begged “pretty please.” I tugged at the towel to cover up, as her hand prevented me from proceeding, and then without waiting for a response, she added, “May I touch it?” “Well,” I exhaled deeply, and rolled my eyes, “I guess it must be O.K.” after all, you are JUST my STEP SISTER!” She returned my grin, with a huge smile She quickly, (before I could resist any further,) slid her. This routine had been going on for about three months now. Luckily, on this particular evening Steve didn't have a ride home. My husband told Steve that he would gladly give him a ride. Just as Steve was about to leave, I called to Bill from back in the bedroom. I asked him what he thought about Steve going to bed with us. My husband was really shocked at first, but the thought of it was so sexually arousing that he was immediately in love with the idea. Bill now had to get the courage to.

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