I woke up in Thedas, somewhere. I was barefoot, and wearing a skimpy, short hospital gown. My ass was hanging out in the breeze. Wonderful. It occurre... to me, for possibly the first time, that there was no guarantee I'd be somewhere useful. I'd been lucky so far, always ending up close to where I wanted to be, but I could be anywhere, really. In a hospital gown. Good God. I was surrounded by fields of mostly thick grasses, no signs of habitation anywhere. I couldn't decide if that made me more. “Of fuck, I feel it. Fill me up. Fill up my ass,” she yowls and then her own orgasm hits her. “Oh shit ... here it is ... I’m cumming.” Her body thrashes around, forcing the man to hold onto her hips just to keep himself buried in her.Katsu’s fingers fly over her pussy and clit while his warm seed floods her anal passage. She then collapses face down on the table and his slips from her with a noisy slurp. Lars kneels over her, his member dripping the remaining cum on her ass. She wiggles her. We got around to work, and she said, "Don, I was thinking about the tutor, and what we'd do. I wasn't keen on paying someone to drive around with you, and try to teach you on the road. If you were to take the class in summer school, it would be six weeks of classroom work to pass the class. You're half way done, so in the end, we should have around three weeks' worth of work or twelve to fifteen days left. We can figure out a schedule to do a day or two a week, three full weeks or whatever fits. The cot was rocking wildly, and suddenly, while I was on the verge of cumming and it seemed like Darius was too, the cot began collapsing under our weight, first one side then the other until suddenly with a loud crashing sound we both found ourselves falling with the breaking bed! At least the small mattress broke our fall, and Darius and I just laughed after checking to make sure we were both okay. He then pulled me on top of him, staring up into my eyes, and I began riding his long, sexy.

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