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Jamie couldn't stop herself from thrusting her hips, wanting even more of Erin's fingers inside of her. It was then that Erin stopped, and went over t... her bag. Jamie was too busy trying to catch her breath, to really focus on what Erin was up to. She knew that Erin wasn't finished with her, but wasn't exactly sure what the blonde girl had in mind.As she laid there, Jamie found herself staring at the ceiling for no particular reason, before feeling Erin's tongue back on her pussy. She let out. The interior of the mold and the surface area of the now stiff patient are coated in a special topical ointment used to ensure that the patient can redistribute within and release from the mold without sticking. Upon completion of the treatment, the patient is released from the mould and is escorted to a check-up before being prescribed physiotherapy. The treatment will have left the patient with glossy skin that appears as though they are perpetually oiled, and a body that is still very much. Black paint surrounded his eyes, and he wore only a kilt ofpristine linen."I'm ready, master", I whispered.The man opened his eyes and smiled. "My slaves have done well. I do notregret your appearance here."He stood up and walked to me. I fidgeted in place. A rational personmight have justified my behaviour as the opportunity out of a fable, yetmy thoughts were drowned by foreign desire.The man clasped my shoulders and pulled me into a kiss. My body stiffenedonly for a moment, before I wrapped. Our biggest customers are refineries, factories, oil platforms, and similar harsh environmental operations. Today, I had to solve a small problem at a large grain elevator and I was already done.I was topping off the gas tank before starting back to Reading when I had a pleasant surprise."Terry Harrison, what are you doing down here today?"It was Monica Whitmer, an old family friend. Monica and her husband, Brian, used to live just outside of Reading and we had socialized on several occasions..

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