The six of us wore the usual armor. We carried a small shield, truly a buckler, because a large shield was just too unwieldy in a melee. We carried th... conventional short sword, the gladius, as our nominal weapon, but we also carried a short version of the bowie knife. In addition to this, we all carried a wooden baton 28 inches long and one inch in diameter. This was our true main weapon of choice.I had insisted that all of the men become experts in stick fighting because the stick looked less. Uh I don't know your name," Jerry said."Oh I'm sorry I'm Jessica Jones," I repliedHe smiled at me. "It's nice to meet you Jessica. So if there aren't anyquestions get up on the table. So do which side to you want me to workon first? Front side of back side?" He asked of me."Uh I guess we'll start with the back?" I said still not reallyunderstanding what is going on.Jerry helped me onto the table and told me to place my head through thehole and told me to relax. I let him remove the towel that. I could see even in Miss Trodys eyes, I could seem to strike a chord (lol) from time to time..One day after school my best frend Jeff and I were working on his faimly farm .They lived about 2 miles away and after school I would get on my four wheeler and ride threw the hills and fields to get to there house. Jeff and I were horn dogs,typical teen age boys.We used to be pretty radical as well.This is back in 1988 and they had just bought a brand new chevy s10 4x4 for the farm.We would sneek off. The penny finally dropped for Tricia and she thought she might be gettingto the truth." So sweetie, when you were trying to look at the girls inthe gym, with their long legs, short skirts , knickers , bouncing littleboobies, was that because you wanted to see them when you thought youcouldn't be seen or...was it because you wanted to look like them, be likethem? " Tricia mentally crossed her fingers that she hadn't pushed to farand that Katie was going to be honest with her. After the traumas.

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