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All the while, her well-trained cunt muscles would massage my dick until I came, which always got her really excited.The best times, though, were the ...imes when I came on her face. While she was sucking my cock, I would reach down and give her nipples a single firm squeeze. I'd developed this as the signal for tit-fucking. She would respond by letting my dick slide out of her mouth and readjusting her position so that her boobs were level with my stomach. Then she'd place my rock-hard cock. ” Sometimes – yeah, good one Blake. “That’s what happened when you sat on me.”“So, it was kind of my fault,” she said sadly. “I didn’t mean to.”“I know you didn’t, honey. It’s nothing to be sorry for.” I touched her hand. “Listen, it’s probably weird, but I’m not sorry you did it.It felt nice, just a little too nice.”She seemed happy with that, but she was still thinking hard. “Daddy?”“What, Princess?”She licked her lips. “Can I see it?”“Oh, no-no-no-no-no.” I shook my head. “I don’t think that. Fighting like Beshimi or Hyottoko works --but that's all you can say about it. Shinomori Aoshi has gathered fighters from far and wide, but that's all.Shikijou: What are you trying to say?Sanosuke: Every last one of them is strong. So that means he found men to which fighting is everything. But Himura Kenshin is different. The girl, Yahiko, even Takani Megumi... he's surrounded by all kinds of people who love him. The Hitokiri is a thing of the past. He's a vagabond now. He wouldn't fight. ”“I know; I watched them leave. With my good eye, that is.”“I will NEVER understand boys,” Sally said, exasperated. She walked up to him and examined the blackened eye closer. “Does it hurt much?”“I’m fine, really.” Lenny placed a hand on her hip to bring her in tight. Sally placed her hands on his chest and looked up at him seriously. “Why the hell did you just stand there and let Robbie hit you?”“It’s called a ‘free shot’, Sal.” Lenny flinched as she reached up and touched the blackened area.

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