"I'm ready for that dessert now."She pushes her butt back against me and coos, "I brought some of Rose Ann's special oil. Do you have any aches you'd ...ike me to work on?" Ooh! Aah!" I groan, "I'm pretty sure my whole body needs your help."The first bout of the evening only takes about twenty minutes. Sally rubs some of the warming oil on my equipment then crawls onto the bed with her butt in the air, her legs splayed and her pussy open and ready for business. My cock slides through her engorged. Standing in front of her, I sat next to him and ripped the towel off. - Here. This is a soft dicky. Well, almost soft, “sight...”. I added after taking a second look. That's how the dicky of the man is most of the time. Well except for my horny husband, but he isn’t normal. Now if you kiss him, or touch the dicky it will get hard. Go ahead touch it. She carefully touched it, like poking an alien object. - Waaaaaa! It’s moving! She cried out. - Yeah that's normal. I said. She grabbed it. - Try. ..I tried fitting in with everyone but it made me look weird I guess but long story short the party me and a few of my friends decided to crash of sorts we manged to sneak in thorough the window lucky no one seen us....but I needed to use the toilet I was nervous so I had to go as I was having a piss I heard yelling it was my friends they were told they were not aloud to be here I didn't know what to do so I hid inside the bathroom I was safe there about 30 minutes later there was a knock at. " So my looks had nothing to do with you coming over?" she said with a challenge in her eye."Of course they had something to do with it! Hell, it's a lot easier to get up the nerve to try to help a damsel in distress if she's beautiful than if she isn't." Oh, so you are interested in, how did you say it, making a move on me."I sighed and spread my hands. "Lady, I admit I like looking at pretty women. I even admit to fantasizing about them. But I really consider myself a nice guy with a lot of.

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