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Love you all. For peeps who haven’t read the first part yet, read it now (the link must be above this) because the story here is a continuation of t...e erotica. So, let’s get to the story now.Ansh: Hey data analyst-turned-slut, wanna come to my planet for a few days?Me: What? Ohh. I don’t know, honey. All of this is a shock to me. Is all of this real? How do we go there? Teleportation or something? Is it possible? Omg, I am so confused. Ansh: Sweetheart, I have a secret door where upon entering. Annette started, glanced at her and then looked back down at her hands in her lap.Deborah reached over and put her hand over Annette's. "Tricky one?" she asked softly.Annette nodded dumbly."But you still want to talk about it, don't you?"Another silent nod."Well, come on in. I'll put the kettle on while you change out of uniform and then we can talk. Don't worry, darling. I won't chew your ear or preach at you. I promise."Annette looked up shyly at her and saw nothing but love and understanding. Jen said, "Hi honey, what up?"I said, "Nothing. I just want to dance with my sexy wife." So I cut in and my lodge brother left.I asked, "Jen, are you enjoying yourself?"She said, "Yes I am, but it will be even better if you get me home and in bed."I didn't have to be asked twice. She grabbed her purse and we headed for the door with me waving goodbye to my lodge brothers.Once we got in the car Jen was on me and she gave me an earth-shattering blowjob. She sucked until I came in her mouth. Then. "April, there is definitely someone trying to get in the house."I groggily opened my eyes to see Toby standing in the doorway in hisblack pyjama bottoms and white t-shirt, looking even smaller than usual,"what are you talking about? It's just the wind." I don't think so," he replied, sounding like a child, "there's a weirdnoise outside the back door. We need to go and see what it is." By the back door? There's CCTV there, just go and check the screen."He didn't reply for a moment, before.

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