She feels both of their crotches. She knows what she is going to find with Chuck. But Tommy. Fuck! He feels bigger than Chuck. Their cocks expand as t...e wife explores their lengths and thicknesses. Both men apply pressure on her shoulders. She kisses down Tommy’s chest and abdomen until she is on her knees. She looks him in the eye as she explores the length of his cock with her thumb and forefinger. Unfastening his belt buckle, she lowers the zipper. His cock bulges out in front of her face.. "You want this, don't you?" "Yes, Sir. Please, Sir." She tried to move, futilely. "Please." "Rules are rules, Lucy. I will let you come, but it's my turn now." He took his cock in his hand and started to stroke it. She couldn't believe what she was watching. He started to go faster. All the while he was staring at her as he was before. But his breathing started to get more labored as he worked his cock. Her own heart started beating faster as she watched him. She had a thousand different. I really, really do because I have soooo longed for you. I truly have. My body aches for you everywhere.” He couldn’t believe how much passion had built up inside her by way of her words. He did take her in his hands. He held her firmly and lovingly and once he did, he kissed her hard on her lips. She had succumbed to his deep desires and with hers a lust filled passion exploded as the two of them soon fell to the floor of the barn and he mounted her. His hand collapsed beneath her. His hand. ” Jess frowned and moped back to the kitchen.“Oh my god!” Sherry leaned over me and Nisha and sniffed openly. “One of us needs to carry a Febreze bottle and spray you down all of the time.”“If you’re going to get a shower, food will be ready then. Can someone help me in the kitchen?”“Not it!” Sherry called. “I’m going to take these two to the shower.”“What? But I wanted--”I silenced Talsy with a touch to her lips. I put my hand flat at about her belly button level. “You gotta be this short to.

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