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From memory of him watching girls do it he tried to tie up her hair and he did it mildly well. Now he could look at her neck with complete lust. He le...ned over and whispered in her ear,‘I wonder what would happened if I…’ he didn’t finish. Instead he moved down and with the tip of his tongue, licked the side of her neck, slowly at first but then began involving his lips until he was tenderly knowing on her neck, rubbing her skin gently between his top and bottom teeth, licking any skin that. She moved my hand off her pussy and stopped stroking me to get a tight grip on my young cock. She pulled my cock and naturally I followed it until I was lying on top of her. She positioned me at her wet opening and pulled me toward it. I took the hint and pushed in completely in one smooth stroke. Mum gasped as I filled her and it felt so good I thought my heart would stop. We lay still for a few minutes, mum enjoying the long absent fullness inside her and me enjoying the feel of her hot, wet,. She smiled shyly at him, "You're welcome. It really has been my pleasure!" She realized she meant that. The ride up Sulphur Mountain in the gondola was as close as they had gotten. She stepped into the car, and he followed her, sitting beside her, thighs touching. That first contact was electric for him, and he looked at her, as she glanced away, but caught the hint of pink in her cheeks. At the top, he stepped out of the car, and held out his hand to help her out. She wanted to ignore. Leaking is not the right word though - more like being coaxed out by my manipulations, but it also teases me, my mouth salivates in a Pavlovian response, and my dick hardens ever more so.You shift your body - I know I have awaken you slightly, I don't think you have opened your eyes yet - but I know you are in a surrender to my touch -- you roll onto your back, and I know you want to feel my mouth where my fingers have been - that it is as much a need for you to be suckled as it is for me to.

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