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Then she kissed me. Her lips were softer than they looked, and her tongue was perfect. I could feel her hands in my hair, her elbows pushing us closer...together. One of my hands moved to take out the tight ponytail, and my other hand slipped over her back pocket. As I squeezed, she inhaled. I managed to wrangle her out of the ugly company shirt, revealing the nearly sheer bra I anticipated. We kissed again as her hands undid my dress, and I let it fall to the floor. I fumbled with her belt. The very first person they saw was Jason who was just getting into his car."What are you doing here? This isn't where you live." No, but it's where she lives." She who?" Mary Jane, the girl that I took to the Homecoming dance. She was at the game last night and saw me later on, after you three disappeared for wherever." Well go back in and get her, we'll figure out something to do." Naw, she's tired. We just got up and I think she is in the shower now anyway. I need to get home and get cleaned. “Do you want to fuck me?” I asked seductively. “Got Damn Girl! What kind of shit is that?” he asked. “You’ve got three minutes to decided sweetie. Once I finish my smoke, I’m either going back to drink more wine or you’re going to be fucking me in the nearby restroom.” I told him directly. His hand clenched my throat as he lifted me from my feet, his black cock thrusting upward between my legs, from behind, entering me with fast thrusts into soaked pussy. I had hiked up my skirt and presented. “What… What’s it going to do?” Stephanie stammered.“Calm down love, it’s going to fuck us what else?” Her pussy laughed as the vibrator spit a gooey substance on her denim skirt like a spitting cobra. Suddenly the skirt sailed down to her feet on its own.“Wait… you’re kidding right?” “Stephanie said as she stepped out of her skirt just in time for the phallic snake to spit on her tank top as well. Knowing where this was going, she went ahead and raised her arms as her tank top flew over her.

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