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I didn't mean too, please don't tell my mom." She then started to cry which made me lean in and give her a hug. After she stopped, I let her go but th...n, something just came over me. I leaned in and gave her another kiss. She started to kiss me back, and then tried to slip me her tongue. I reluctantly opened my mouth and let her tongue touch mine as we kissed. After a few seconds we stopped and I said "Ok Jess, time for bed now." "Please Chris don't stop, it makes me feel good. I have. Marie went into the bedroom and got changed and called out to us that she was dressed and we could come loo When we entered the room, I could tell that she was somewhat nervous as this was the first time she had been exposed like this in a private setting. Ed slowly approached her with his eyes devouring her body, her nipples were rock hard and jutting out like pencil erasers. When he got in arms reach of her he stretched out has arms inviting a hug. She stepped forward and soon his arms were. My heart was quickening as I tried to calm myself. She asked of my ex wife and was satisfied by my answers that it was long over. I asked of her Thai boyfriend, forgetting she hadn’t told me she had had one. But she told me, how she had loved him, how he had let her down and how he had secretly dated another girl. ‘Did you parents mind? She shook her head. ‘They thought we were just friends, they didn’t know…’ ‘That you were…lovers?’ She gazed down at the table, her finger drawing imaginary. Her enthusiasm for the party made her stand and visit the cabinet five times in the two hours she wanted.The taxi arrived at Phil's about eight fifteen, she was as she hoped noticed by all the men and did everything to avoid bumping in to Phil and Danny by talking to the others, she was well in to the scotch as she put another cigarette in her mouth, a lighter flicked in front of her.She followed the arm up to see two tall men admiring her she guessed in their early forty's who immediately.

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