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"We are okay, Tammie," I replied."I have a lady I think you'd like to meet," she offered. "Carlie, she's a lawyer and a tax expert. She's never been m...rried, a little younger than you, sharp as a tack. I think you'd hit it off." Tammie," I said, "I don't want to be set up." Just meet her at some public spot. Make small talk. Take her to dinner, like, Johnny Carino's or something. See what you think," she said."I assume," I said, "you've got it all arranged?" Four-ish, Saturday afternoon, behind. Soon he started thrusting his cock as I held my mouth over the hole letting him fuck my mouth. Suddenly he stopped. Then he leaned down and whispered that we should go over to one of the large booths with the padded bench seats because he wants to fuck me. That was the best thing I had heard in some time so we both got up, pulled our pants back up and opened then door of our booths then stepped out. I am six feet four inches and he a good six inches taller than me. We smiled at each other and. He could feel the push of her full breasts into his chest, and her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. Joey pulled her in snug, spreading his fingers across her back and exploring her warm, loving body. He could feel the strap of her bra under her shirt, and her torso expanding with each heavy breath. She tilted her head to one side, grinding her lips into his, and her sweet tongue was soon pushing into his mouth, licking, inviting, and tasting him.Even though her arms were up high about his. Her mouth watering, she hefted his balls. They were heavy and she groaned.Gypsy flipped his head up and snorted. He jerked forward, bumping his nose into Gloria and almost toppling her over. He kicked at the dirt, then slapped his tail over his rump."What the fuck you doing down there?" Gloria yelled. She smoothed her hand over Gypsy's neck, calming him down."I was holding his balls," Pam said. The pony's movement had frightened her and she had dropped his balls as if they had been hot.

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