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It all came to that. Devlin, the reason for all these nights that she spent alone in the library, the man who managed to irritate her and arouse her a... the same time. The man that she had tried to avoid all week. She didn't want to know him, to understand him better, to spend too much time with him. Surely the attraction was there but it was only physical and Jen had to protect herself against a man who would fuck her and then get bored."Jennifer?", Jason said. "Are you ok? You were miles. The the first of the men spoke in a firm tone, get your padded city slickin asses against the van with yer hands up on the windows before I blows your mans head clean off bitches! And I mean now! He spoke with authority, and the seriousness of the situation became apparent to everyone immediately. Ok&hellip,girls…Do what the man says&hellip, get over here and face the van&hellip, no one needs to get hurt exclaimed a shaken and disparaged Dan Jacobs. As everyone placed their hands upon the side. . "it's mostly about getting to spend more time with you ... but, I do admit to being curious about girls too ... I guess it all started with Bev..." "Right before it moved to my basement, right?", I threw in. That got me an additional squeeze, as we continued to hold each other ... Then I proclaimed, "But, just be careful – if you're in a scheduling mood with this girl, try not to pin us down for Thursday..."Carly looked at me with wondering eyes ... then I let her know that "we" would be. ." shesaid softly as the woman's screams began to die down to ananguished wailing "...and I'm going to do something that butchLezzy you hit would love to have done. I'm going to massage yourarse for you. Don't think I'm doing you any favours ..." shegrinned as she began to rub the hideously bruised buttocks,hearing Anne Curtis cry out in pain "...I'm just making sure youfeel the next fifteen just as much as you felt the last ones! And by Christ, you felt the last ones, didn't you, Curtis! .

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