We awoke to giggles and voices nearby, but out of sight.Silently searching- we discovered two lovers in the woods. These two lovers locked eyes and lo...ked deep into each other's souls. And in that most precious of locations, these two knew that this must be fate. No words needed to be expressed. Everything was expressed through emotion, just the raw feeling of desire.He wanted her. She felt it. She wanted him back. He couldn't have wanted anything more than that.Their embraced gaze lasted what. Spent, we lay there for a moment until we had recovered a little. Angela leaned forward and began to lick and kiss me, recovering the spunk I’d missed. Tanya laid her prick between our kissing mouths, her eyes watching as her cum moved back and forth between our mouths.We were all spent, so Angela pulled off my prick and both she and Tanya stretched out on lounges next to mine to bask in the after-glow of our coupling and the afternoon sun.I must have dozed off because the next thing I was. Sandy was close by filming as he really started to go for it. I could feel his cock twitch and then it exploded in my mouth and he quickly pulled out to then cover my face and body as jet after jet of cum exploded from his cock. Bob was out of breath as he asked if I liked the taste of cum. I was licking my lips enjoying it so much I did not respond. I could not believe what I had just done – all to get in this woman's pants. Bob stood up and took the camera from Sandy. She went to then end of. I was a tall fit young guy and never had an acne problem and I feel like I was okay-looking. My dad was a good-looking dude and I suppose I took after him.Well, that being said, I started noticing things about her as I got older.She always wore skimpy things, but it went unnoticed by me until about a year after they married.This is also about the time she had her boobs done.She walked around in flimsy tops, nipples hard pressing against the material like they were trying to find a way to see.

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