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I agreed. We started kissing and cuddling in bed and we slowly took each others clothes off, I fucked her all different ways, kind of awkwardly, this my first time, she moaned in pleasure, I cummed in her, and that was it. It lasted only 2 minutes… I thought, wow, $100 a minute. But It was experience, I was a virgin, so I had to practice. She talked with me some more as we laid next to each other naked, she really liked me and said, just pay me $100, I like you. So I did and left, it was. Hamne thori der baat ki or phir unhone muj se kaha mai bhi tmre sath hi chalti hu.Or hmdono sath me Flat par aa gaye.raste me unhone muj meri girlfriend ke baare me pucha to mere naa kahne par wo sock ho gayi or kehne lagi ki tmre jaise ladke ke pass gf na hona kafi ajeeb baat hai.Fir hm ghar pauch gaye maine unhe byy kiya or apne flat pe aa gaya.Next day saturday tha yani chuti ka din so maine ghar pe hi sone ka plan banaya hua tha.Mere sare frnds bahar gaye hue the or unhone muj se keh rakha. And for a couple of years he spent his life travelling the continent of Soros, killing goblins, orcs, wolves and men for what coin he could haggle. Occasionally he'd come across a vampire den, or a goblin king, and he'd get paid double. But those occasions were becoming fewer and further between, and his coin was drying up quicker and quicker.It was by pure chance he happened to be in town of Cubano at the same time of the incident at the temple of Liru. A priestess by the name of Ana-Maria had. The pressure was unreal. It stretched her. She could tell every time she was about to get a load released into her. She told me she could feel the tentacles veins harden then a few seconds later the release was like a hose. Spraying into her mouth, ass or pussy sometimes for up to 5 seconds.The stimulation made her cum over and over. The tentacles the same. She said she felt so dirty getting all this attention and being used. But then it turned her on a little.The creature was about 5 times.

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