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’ ‘Right now, all I want to do is hold you, beautiful. Is that Ok?’ She smiled, a genuine one for once. ‘I think I’d like that.’ So I did....I held her, lying on top of me, and kissed the top of her head. After a few minutes she whispered. ‘We should stop.’ ‘Why?’ ‘You shouldn’t get attached to me. I’ll be leaving soon, and you’ll never see me again.’ ‘What if I want to see you again?’ I asked. ‘No. I’m not going to break up your marriage. You two love each other. I’m not sure why, but it’s. Tony lubed his cock with the gel I had in my bedside drawerand knelt between my legs, pushing a lubricated finger into my arse beforelifting my legs and slowly pushing the big head of his cock into me. I grunted slightly as I felt him enter me, the heat of his cock searingthrough me, his width stretching me to the point of pain, while a warm glowseemed to accompany it, spreading out through my guts and abdomen like awarming fire. I sighed and stretched out my hands to caress his hairy chestand. “I get the political dimension and I’m not asking you to advocate for this because it’s me. Water is political in California. I’m going to test a desalination plant on the Pacific coast. I can do that in California, where water is precious, or I can do it in Oregon or Washington or Mexico. It’s going to be barge based to start, so we can move it around, but you could get some mileage out of this, if you play your cards right. I’m really just trying to help you out, Kelly.”She sighed on the. She turns and snaps her fingers as a king-sized bed appeared. She walks over to it and lays down spreading her legs as she looks at him, giving off strong sexual desires. “come over here and bounce on my cock. I won't ask again.” Tommy took a deep breath and went over to the bed, hops on it and gets between her legs. He grabs her cock, putting it in his butt as he was like talking a giant long inside. Once it was deep inside of him, he begins moving his hips up and down. The blue demon.

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