" Yes, and please hurry," replied Dan, starting to shake as he stood,instantly looking down and feeling the elastic garment sliding up."Ok, and not," laughed Marlene, taking hold of him as up camehis gaff. "Ready, Bianca." Yup, don?t mind me and I think we handled that maybe just in time,"said Bianca, reaching between his legs from behind and pulling him backas he was starting to grow from his limp state."Handled in more was ways than one," joked Marlene as up went his gaffas she tugged. He was to resume Michael's role in the real life play too. Part of that role was to find others that wanted what they wanted but were leaderless. Peter walked into the theater and met the police at the door. Of course they knew him and allowed him to go and report to the producer and director. Peter knew that one of them had been part of Michael's group. Neither let the person not within their group suspect the fact that they knew each other. Peter was shown his dressing room and he told them. They wanted to talk more in depth and openly, forming a united plan of attack between them, as they rode away on horseback from the fort and out into the hills. At Castle Tioram, life had returned to a normal routine of life, the crofters bringing in their taxes, in crops and livestock. Arabella counted off the amounts of each one against her ledger and smiled, knowing that things would be stable here, should they have a siege. As she came back into the keep, she went up the stairs to her. I used my fingers to trace the outline of her pussy, taking in the sweet scent and feeling the wetness that had begun to surround it. I couldn’t take anymore, I had begun to stroke her pussy more firmly and my fingers sank into the unbelievably tight silken wet folds, warm and slippery, Tamara released a small cry as she started moaning. I grabbed hungrily at her firm curvaceous ass, massaging them as I began to ravenously stuff my face with her pussy and the juices that overflowed out of it..

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