“Ok Jack well now it’s your turn to fight my sister in hand-to-hand, oh and one more thing watch outfor her legs.” Zar'roc said as he turned awa... smiling knowing that Jack would never take his adviceand just jump straight in to things.“Ya Ya, let’s get this thing over and done with.” Jack answered back to him not paying any attentionto the advice he was just given.“Ok but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Zar'roc said walking over to a bench to sit down, to watch thefight that was mere moment from. Hope you're fit to climb those ladders this morning." He chortled and went off to tell the others."I can still race you up and down any of them Colin and still have some breath left," I called after him. He turned and put his fingers up to me but I just laughed. I knew that with all the weight he carried, climbing up to the cabs was pretty exhausting for him. Jake had to put up with a lot of ribbing when he went into the washroom. I did the best I could in the washbasin in my toilet.Jake did. I quickly drank my drink and went back to the bar to get another but this time I thought I would get 2 jagerbombs and a jack and coke. Freya followed me over to the bar and ordered the same. I was starting to feel like my arms were extremely light and when I went back to the dance floor the man with the piercing blue eyes had moved. It didn’t matter to me I was just looking to have a good time with my friends. Freya was dancing away and singing alot to the songs when her boyfriend Markus came. He was looking around for an escape much like a trapped fox would.The ceremony was performed hurriedly by a slovenly priest who was neither steady on his feet nor had much of his wits left after having indulged heavily in wine and ale."Do you, Pell', Coljer in Lemdalen, take sssish Ingeburg, dodder of Hunold, ash your fife?"The gloved hand of a soldier slapped the back of Pelle's head when he hesitated one last time."Aye," Pelle said through clenched teeth."Do you, Ingeburg, dodder of Hunold,.

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