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. a kid. Look, I don’t really know anything about you. I’m not trying to be a jerk but I’d never heard of either of you before today.”“Eithe... of us?” Regina wondered.“You or the asshole that barged into your dressing room,” I said.“Oh,” Regina said. “You seemed to know a lot about me. My sister seemed to think you did, at least.”“You have so much information about you out there that it was easy to pretend,” I admitted. “It took my friend Jill about 30 seconds to give me the lowdown – and to. I mustsay your quite the sight, perhaps I?ll talk to the hotel managerlater........what do you say??.All I could wasmumble through my gag, and with my back to the door way I could not see thisman, but I could here him coming closer. I felt his hand touch my ass, and thenhe tested my bonds, and surveyed the scene. ? most interesting, I can see youhad a fun evening planned, lucky for me I arrived when I did.? He leanedagainst me, and slid what must of been a blindfold over my eyes, once again. I knew she has already came but I controlled myself, I told her I want to do her doggy, she bent down n faced her ass towards me, mmmm what a nice firm ass she had, I pointed my dick towards he ass and she hold n guided it into her already fully wet pussy, I slowly, pumped her, gliding in n out, she was moaning n groaning again, fuck me Taj, fuck me Taj, fuck me harder Taj, what a good fuck I am getting she was saying ahhhhh, I kept on pumping and told her I am going to cum, she told let me. Chuck and I soon followed leaving Gina with Jillian (whose lingerie was slipping out of place) and Peter. I fell asleep, contently, in Chuck’s arms. I have no idea what Gina did. A pregnant wife awoke around first light in the arms of her husband and stirred wiping the sleep from her eyes. I kissed him and said I was taking a shower and I would be right back.I stepped into the middle portion of the bathroom and turned the water on to a nice temperature and was about to get in when I heard a.

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