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"I think you've learned your lesson. Stand up and remove those shorts." I did what he commanded, brushing aside a little tear from the pain in my derr...ere before lowering my underwear. My cock popped up and out as soon as it was released. "Turn around. Let me see your cute little butt and what my hand has done to it." I rotated in place, before bending over to allow him a better look. I could see myself in the mirror on the wall and there was certainly two large glowing red spots on both sides. . my jaw dropped, his cock looked like it wouldn’t fit in those panties, it was semi hard and pulled to the side dangling out, it was huge even not hard... the conversation continued and we sent back and forth pics of us in panties, and one pic in particular drove me wild... he was wearing a strange tied up bottom piece, it was rope just tied in the form of panties, his cock fully erect and veiny, this thing was huge, like bigger than my forearm... so I decided to send him a video, I was. It was quiteawhile before my erection went down and I also went to sleep.The next thing I knew it was light in the room and James wasfondling my wife, who was absolutely cooing with delight. I heardher say, "Oh Jimmy, you sure know how to turn a lady on."I just laid there quietly listening as he brought her to orgasmwith his hands. When he noticed that I was awake, he directed meto get up and put on the coffee. "Yes Master James." was myreply. I got out of bed, went to the kitchen naked, put on. But, that brought an avalanche of additional questions and conjecture.* * * * * *Below, at the edge of the prairie, I was accepting the significance of our discovery. Reading about the massive herds that roamed and dominated the plains of North American did no justice to actually seeing it in front of you. No matter where I looked, the shifting images on the prairie was the thousands of thousands of dark animals and shadows.My mind and eyes had at first focused on the animals I expected.

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