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I was pretty sure that there would be a lot of scrambling going on in an hour when girls woke up and realized boys were seeing what they look like in ...he morning for the first time. I’d even spent ten minutes in the bathroom brushing my hair and putting on just a touch of makeup before I went to the kitchen to meet Anna.We were chatting while Hayden read the newspaper and we all drank coffee. When Brian and Hannah came in from the barn, Anna was shocked to see them up so early and outside.“Mom!. Kim was totally awed by the whole experience. When we got off the elevator the matre'-de met us saying "Welcome Mister Thomas and Kim. We've been expecting you and your table is ready and waiting. Just follow me." I could see that Kim was severely impressed by the look on her pretty face.We were seated at our table and immediately a server came over to take our cocktail orders. I ordered "A martini for me and a Shirley Temple for the lady."After the server left Kim leaned over and whispered in. To the inside of her other leg. I started rubbing again, but obviously not quick enough or high enough because she pushed on my arm, forcing my hand higher. Higher. When I felt the lacy tops of her stocking, sighed into my mouth and opened her legs a little wider.Higher I went, past the stocking-top to the smooth, soft flesh beyond. But even that wasn’t enough for her, and she shoved my hand until I met her silky knickers. Her soaking wet, silky knickers.She broke our lip-lock, tipped her head. She had mentioned she might do this but not this early on in proceedings. Brandon's cock was covered in her pussy juice and didn't have much trouble sliding up her ass after a couple of attempts.Sara slowed things down until she was comfortable then started to pick up the pace again.With Mark the only one not to fuck her yet, she took his cock in her mouth to make sure he was nice and hard, then reached down to spread her pussy lips and told him to stick his cock in there.I went over for a.

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