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They're happy to do so, and I think you'll like whatthey're sending.* Rose could "hear" the grin behind that comment. *Andspeaking of absentee present..., there will be one from a certain royallady - both thanks and apology for what she put you through.* As she was saying that, Lena carefully monitored Rose's reactions, anddamped much of the reaction to the horrific memories. In time, shewouldn't have to do even that. After she recovered the remaining cookies from her locker, she headed forher. It started a couple months later.? I was feeling horny and spent a few hoursdrinking at a neighborhood bar.?Eventually I noticed a sexy young brunette at a corner table.? She seemed to be alone.? Nobody joined her for an hour.? A couple of guys tried, but she shooed themaway. I?m not sure what caused me to walk over and ask if I couldbuy her a drink, but I did.? And I wassurprised when she looked me over for a moment and then said, ?Sure.? Two hours later we were back at my apartment.? I was a. The downside was being in a different city every night or two, sometimes you can't even remember who you really are.I could hear the activity as the stage was pulled down and packed onto the trucks that would take it to the next town. This crew seemed to be packing out in record time. Even with all the audio equipment they would probably be done in less than an hour.Ever since my latest album had gone platinum, we had been on this tour. Now the time had come; we all needed a break. My manager. ” “Y-yeah,” Danica replied, setting down the phone and looking over at Not-Jake, who once again stood nude before her. He looked just like she’d imagined, trim and fairly muscular but not intimidatingly so, but that cock… she hadn’t imagined it would be so… so glorious, really. She looked up at him. “You’re in your office.” Not-Jake nodded. “I am.” “You’re not here.” “No,” Not-Jake said, reaching down and undoing the top two buttons of her blouse. Just two, no more. Enough to cool her down.

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