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Let the attendant clean you. Please release all bodily functions at his time," said a voice on a PA system, overriding the usual music. Joe was so g...ad to hear an executive's voice again, as if it reconnected him to a better world where he'd soon play a more important part. He even gained enough composure to lean out a few inches and regain the orange tube before much of it was wasted. Without the slightest thought, Joe relieved himself before the attendant finishing the cleaning. As a. Deirdre walked the wild side and was known for getting what she wanted over any objection. Angela was inclined to offer the objections, but she was operating at a handicap. So, Deirdre and Angela dragged Patricia out of the dining hall, still arguing over what was best to do next. In the end, what decided matters was that Deirdre had a car.It was almost nine PM before the three of them made it out of the hotel. It was almost 11 PM before they got back. The time was spent planning and assembling. “Sister Iaura, hurry! Use whatever in your and His Young Eminence’s possession to erect a shelter!” She instructed and threw from her spatial ring another piece of a building model, only smaller than the first one and white in color.The white radiance of the new building model shot toward the two, upon arrival creating a small, semi transparent manifestation of the source’s shape around them, which tried to subdue the overbearing dark attribute under Zax’s control.Sister Beatriz’s concern was. . .“Sam, Abigail told us about your injuries, war wounds of course. I can’t tell you how sorry all of us are about those. And, now seeing you, in person, well . . .”“Yeah, well thanks for your concern, it is what it is. I’m stuck like this forever I guess. Not much I can do about it,” I said. “A lot of other guys have it worse.”“Couldn’t the Army do more about getting you back to something more approximating the old you?” he said.“They did all they could I guess. They told me I was lucky to be.

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