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"She works at the University Hospital and I've known her a couple months and we just started to become an item in the last few days. It was her idea, ...hich should give you a hint as to her stability. We are in the process of moving her stuff into the house now and I think I may be sunk, big time. She's smart, SCARY smart, she's VERY cute, she likes to ride and with the exception of her taste in men she seems like she has all her faculties. Oh, and did I mention she's very cute?" YOUR. ” She changed channels.We ate supper and enjoyed being with her parents. Tomorrow, my parents would arrive. I had tickets for the game waiting at their hotel. Claudette and her parents had tickets next to them along with Sheila and Tommy. Claudette and I sat together on the sofa with my arm around Claudette who was scrunched in closely. We finally headed back to her apartment and then I went on to mine.In the morning, I reported at the usual time. I brought an exercise outfit and ran around the. .i hear the quick intake of your breath as I describe ask what my fingers are doing...knowing how hot this makes youi whisper softly...gliding my fingers over my lips...feeling my moan softly in my ear...telling me how bad you want to see that...i ask you what your doing...Stroking my hard cock for you baby...I moan at the thought...wishing I could see you...each of us getting more turned on by the mental pictures we have of each other...i want to hear how excited you. Ted choked up, he felt his heart fill with emotion. "I love you, Barbara Arnold. I'm so grateful that you're mine," and he held her close.The night slowly wound to an end. Slowly couples began to say their goodbyes and leave until there were just Ann and her date Matt and the Collins' from next door. Everyone chipped in and helped clean up a bit until the Arnolds convinced everyone that it was late and thanked them for their help. With the house to themselves they came together and drifted to.

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